The problem of traveling with a wheelchair is significant, even with standard, folding wheelchairs. You’ll find a number of modern vehicles on our company in the fleet equipped to make traveling with a wheelchair and hassle-free process.

Accessible vehicles are more than just larger. They’re designed with ramps and wheelchair security systems to lock your chair in place while riding. There is also room for up to three caregivers or helpers to accompany you on your medical visit.

When booking your wheelchair transport you ought to consistently ensure that the organization you use has all the wellbeing measures set up, the most significant one being safety belts that are applied to the wheelchair while it is still outside the vehicle, these are on a ratchet principle and recoil as the wheelchair passenger is pushed into the vehicle, should the driver slip or let go of the wheelchair in any capacity whatsoever the ties would not enable the wheelchair to move down the inclines with shocking outcomes.

Once inside the vehicle the safest way to restrain the wheelchair is by securing all 4 corners of it with safety straps and then making sure that the passenger is secured with their own adjustable seat belt. Yes, our taxi service provides safety measures in a taxi especially a wheelchair.

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